Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I volunteer for EMA?
Contact LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency either by phone at 815-433-5622 or email at 
How old to I have to be to Volunteer with LaSalle County EMA?

LaSalle County and Illinois Emergency Management Agency volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to become a deployable volunteer.




What is the process for receiving financial assistance following a disaster?

In order for an individual, business, non-governmental organization, or critical infrastructure to obtain financial assistance or reimbursement for costs related to a disaster, a Federal (FEMA) declaration must be declared.


There are three (3) types of federal disaster declarations: 


Individual Assistance (IA) is the federal declaration that allows for uninsured individual and business owner disaster-related loss; this declaration is financial assistance through grants.    


Small Business Administration (SBA) declaration may be made if no Individual Assistance is declared; this declaration provides for very low interest loans to individuals and business owners.  


Public Assistance (PA) is the reimbursement program for governmental and critical infrastructure to apply for costs incurred due to a disaster.  


DISCLAIMER:  There is NEVER a guarantee of a Federal Declaration of any kind on any given disaster, even if the County and State file disaster declarations.