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Animal Response Team


The LaSalle County Animal Response Team currently has a roster of 27 members. Membership is comprised of large animal veterinary specialists, small animal veterinary specialists, licensed veterinary technicians, food animal owners, horse owners, and small animal specialists, county animal control, county public health department, as well as members of volunteer agencies.

The team was organized in 2006 under the leadership of Dr. Dell Brodd. The year 2007 saw the team become active. In 2007 the team was deployed on three occasions. The first deployment involved an overturned cattle truck on I-39, the second deployment involved removing animals from a flooded barn in Sheridan during the flood emergency in August, and the third was an attempt to capture a cow running loose along I-80.


The LaSalle County Animal Response Team recently purchased a trailer for response equipment through the cooperation of LaSalle County and is currently acquiring the necessary equipment for response purposes.


The LaSalle County Animal Response Team meets for training on a monthly basis.

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