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Rapid and accurate assessment of damage immediately following disasters is crucial in determining extent of damage, additional resources, and type(s) of assistance needed.


We are asking for your help in collecting damage assessment information. Simply fill out the online damage report and if you take pictures, you can upload them along with your report.


Thank you for your assistance!

It is an assumption that many residents of LaSalle County could possibly be left homeless or require assistance with maintaining independence, communication, transportation, supervision, or medical care in the aftermath of a disaster.


LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency offers anyone with a functional need (as listed above) an opportunity to sign yourself or a loved one up to be identified prior to a disaster that may require assistance with evacuation. The purpose of this registry is to identify resources that may be needed to assist in carrying out evacuation orders.


Registration is free and voluntary; it will be verified annually; and your information is kept confidential as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


If you are interested in more information or registration on the database, send us an email via the Contact Us page.

To register, simply complete this form FAN Database Form



In weather emergencies, warnings can save lives, but traditional warning methods such as television, radio and outdoor sirens don’t always reach everyone.


Integrated Public Alert Warning Systems (IPAWS) began in June 2012, emergency officials will have a new way to send warnings directly to cell phones in affected areas — Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs).

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