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Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Volunteer

  • Administrative – This group would assist EMA staff in an office-like setting. They may be tasked with copying or filing documents, answering an event specific bank of phone calls, placing phone calls in support of a specific mission, assisting with information dissemination during exercises (running copies, using the fax machine etc).



  • Instruction – This group will assist EMA by becoming an instructor for the various special interest teams, such as CERT, GSAR, etc.  These individuals will instruct interested participants in a variety of venues both on and off county-owned property.



  • Community Outreach – This group will assist the EMA by assisting at health and safety fairs, community events, etc.



  • Damage Assessment – This group will assist the County Assessor in conducting the necessary damage assessment in a post disaster event.



  • Logistics – This group will assist the EMA by making sure equipment is ready for emergency deployment. They may be tasked with inventory control, small engine maintenance, updating computer software, etc



  • Sheltering – This group will be tasked with assisting the Red Cross in opening temporary shelters and/or assisting the LaSalle County Animal Response Team (LaSCART) in opening up a temporary pet shelter.



  • Spontaneous Volunteer Management – This group is tasked with registering, organizing and possibly supervising spontaneous volunteers during an event.

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