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Prompt, accurate information is necessary to make an informed decision in any emergency situation and in some cases, research has shown a person won't heed the advice of an emergency message unless it is received from different sources.

Public safety officials and employers frequently use a reverse or emergency notification system; this type of system allows a single, timely and consistent message to be sent out. Many schools in our area use a similar system to notify parents of school closures or other incidents occuring at the school.

LaSalle County has chosen AlertSense as its reverse emergency notification system for several benefits:

Emergency alerts are sent to all of the listed devices you choose when you sign up including home phone, SMS text message, email, pager, and mobile app 24/7

Out of town children or caregivers of elderly or disabled residents can use it to monitor the alerts affecting their loved ones area(s)

Emergency weather alerts can be monitored by classification (advisory, watch or warning) by selecting the classification in the mobile app

Community alerts like missing persons and road closures are sent by email and SMS text message; community alerts can be turned on or off using the myAlerts mobile app

In order to receive emergency notifications from the county, you must subscribe to the system.

Signing up for public alerts is free and can be done at:

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